Known as the city of literature, it is the second largest city in the United Kingdom

Located on the south coast of Edinburgh Forth in Lathian. It is often regarded as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. Scottish people call it Old Reiki, Edina, Athens in the north and other eyes in Britain.

The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Edinburgh is now a major tourist attraction in the world. Edinburgh is full of Scottish culture.

The 264 sq km city has a population of about 500,000. From the 7th to the 10th century it was part of the Anglian Kingdom of Northambria, then used as the royal residence of the Scottish kings. Edinburgh was declared the capital of Scotland in the mid-14th century. Edinburgh was the largest city in Scotland until the first two decades of the nineteenth century. After the Scottish evolution in the late twentieth century, the Parliament of Scotland was established in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is the city of literature. The city is called the first literary city by UNESCO. Libraries in Scotland are centers of literary practice. Colorful birds can be seen all over the city. These are a part of the beauty of the city.

The International Festival is held in Edinburgh. The best artists of the world take part in this festival. This arrangement lasts up to three weeks.

Edinburgh Castle:

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Edinburgh Castle

The main attraction of Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle. This is called the key to the city. The castle commemorates important figures in Scottish history, including the Scottish Mary Queen and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Here are the Scottish Crown Gems and the Stone of Destiny that have been used for centuries for the coronation of the British monarchy.

Princess Street:

Princess Street is popular for shopping. Many people gather here to get a wonderful environment. It is also the best place for photography.

Hollywood Palace:

The palace was built in 18 AD. Later many kings and queens lived in this palace. The palace is now open for display.

Arthur's seat:

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Arthur's seat

Arthur's seat is a dormant volcano. This is one of the top points in Edinburgh. It is a historic place in the city.

Close of Mary King:

This is one of the most exciting places in Edinburgh. One of the tourist attractions is the place.

St. Giles's Cathedral:

St. Giles' Cathedral is the main church in Edinburgh. It was built around the 14th century

Stay and eat:

There are many hotels in downtown Edinburgh. The suburbs of Newton, Tolcross and Brantsfield are somewhat less crowded, and there are plenty of mid-range hotels in the vicinity of Old Town, especially Cougate and Hunter Square.

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