Take a look at the sights of London

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is one of Michel's most iconic and modern establishments. Like other countries, Bangladeshi travelers flock to this heartland of the West to see this nearly 2,000-year-old beauty up close. You can visit the traditional city of London alone using Google Maps.

Once you buy a Wester card and fill it with money, you can use the bus or train as you wish. Besides, the weather in London is unpredictable. Umbrellas should also be kept in this sunny town with the necessary accessories.

The train system here is very good and using Google map you can know how long the bus or train will leave later or how far you have to walk. The city also has a bicycle system. So you can reach the desired train station and from there you can go around the places of interest without taking a taxi or a car.

British Museum: 

British Museum,British Museum in London
British Museum

The British Museum was established in 1853 but opened to the public in 1859. The museum is decorated with looted artefacts from various battles, hence the names Museum of Stolen Masterpieces and Music of All Civilizations. However, visiting this museum can be one of the best experiences due to these invaluable artifacts from different countries.

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace,Buckingham Palace on london
Buckingham Palace

Get off the subway at Victoria Metro Station. Straight from here is Buckingham Palace, which was built for the royal ceremonies and leisure entertainment. The palace was used for royal purposes during Queen Victoria's accession to the throne in 1836. The palace is well-decorated with various white stone statues and eye-catching sculptures, but it is a sight to behold from the outside. Anyone will be fascinated by the beauty of the outside.

Madame Tussauds Museum:

More or less everyone knows about the Madame Tussauds Museum in London. This collection of wax statues of various famous people can be seen on a trip to London. Although the museum has branches in major cities around the world, thousands of people flock to London each year to see the original museum, located on the west side of Baker Street and between Dorset Street and King Street.

Westminster Abbey:

In 1536, Westminster Abbey was established as a cemetery for soldiers killed in battle. Later, during the reign of Henry VIII, in 1538, Westminster built a permanent park called Hyde Park near Abbey, known as Muktangan. Here any citizen of the world can express their thoughts. Also in Westminster Abbey is now used as the place of coronation of the British monarchy and the funeral of the royal family. The most beautiful Hyde Park and Westminster Abbey can be listed on a trip to London.

Big Ben:

Big Ben
Big Ben

Formerly it was called Clock Tower. In 2012, it was renamed Elizabeth Tower. Located in Westminster, London, Big Ben is the largest bell in the tower. Big Ben was inaugurated in 1859 in this 315 feet high tower.

The tower is one of the five most popular selfie spots in the world. So to make the trip to London memorable, there must be a selfie in this tower with the historic Big Ben.

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